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+How to login in

-Login Error Messages Explained

+Using the search feature

+Browse for inventory

-Color Selection

-Item Selection

-Aframe Selection

-Slab Selection

+Anything else

Logging into the system gives you the ability to see open invoice, pay open invoice, place orders and see pricing

After clicking on the login link a drop down box appears and lets you enter in your username and password. When finished entering in your credentials, click the sign in button

There are several security messages that can be displayed.

  • "Invalid Login. Please try again."
  • This message happens when the usename or password combination is invalid. Please try again, your account will locked after 10 unsuccessful logins.

  • "Next unsuccessful login attempt will deactivate your account."
  • You have almost reached the max attempts to login.

  • "Login Failed. Please check the user name or password. In case your IP Address is not registered, contact customer service."
  • Your ip address either isn't registered or it has changed. Please contact customer service at 1.800.328.7038

Cold Spring Connect allows search by keywords. The search box is located in the upper right hand corner of almost every page. To search, enter in a keyword and click the "GO" link next to the input box

Search Results contain your search critera, the number of items that match your query, the categories(colors),and options to sort the results. Click on the slab image will take you to the Aframe search page to select from more inventory.

From the home page you have two ways to browse inventory. You can use the navigation on the left to filter by material and then by color by clicking on the "+" sign next the the navigation menu, or you can click the pictures of the materials at the bottom of the home page. The left hand navigation is persistant througout the website. After clicking the center section of the screen will update.

After you select what material you have to chose the color tone. Click on any color to see the slabs associated with the color tone

After you select color you like, you need to select from the different colors within that color tone. Click on the item you are interested in to see a more detail look at what's in inventory

After you select an item, you are presented with options of available aframes of that color/item. An aframe is a collection of individual slabs. We take a photograph of one slab within the aframe to give you a representation of the slabs color characteristics. You also have the ability to filter out by Selection gallery, Thickness, Length, Width, and by Aframe#. Click on the aframe to give more details about the item and available slabs within that color.

After you select the particular aframe, you will see the a larger image of the slab, also the ability to zoom in on that particular aframe image. You will also get more detail about dimensions, square footage, country of origin, slab serial number and grade.

Please contact customer service at 1.800.328.7038